Australia Post Study Work Visa Extended

Australia Post Study Work Visa Extended

Australia has announced to increase in the post-study work rights of graduates with the most sought-after skills.

International students who have in-demand skills will be able to stay back and work in Australia for a longer time. Australia has taken this decision to tackle the labour shortage. There will be an extension of two years for the post-study work rights who possess degrees that educate them with the most sought-after skills.

Australia will allow graduates with particular degrees to stay for four years. Also, candidates with masters degrees and PhDs can stay for five and six years respectively. A committee has been constituted with members from various departments. This group will advise on which courses should get the extension.

The Education Minister of Australia has stated that only 16% of international students stay back after completing their education in Australia. International students play an important role in several sectors of the country’s economy.

Students must work on choosing courses that would allow them to have a smooth transition from education to employment in Australia. Moreover, the Government has announced an increase in working hours for international students. The Government has also announced an investment of AUD 36.1 million in visa processing because of the delays.

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